What Can You Do For Your Home During These Times?

January 12, 2024

Your Home- What Can You Do?

Your home is a place you are spending a lot of time this season. These are challenging times with a lot of uncertainty. Planning for our activities and home projects has never been this difficult.

A roof is trickier than other areas of the home – even slight damage to the roof can wreak havoc on the home and cost you thousands down the line. So what can you as a homeowner do during these times?

We sat down with our COO, Chris Stafford, to learn more about roofing from a homeowner’s perspective. Whether you’re looking to get your roof fixed or have been planning to get a new roof, here’s everything you need to know as a homeowner.

These are tough times. Should homeowners still work on their roofs right now?

Should the roof of a home require even the smallest repair it is necessary to address as quickly as possible to avoid subsequent damage. We encourage homeowners to call a reputable roofing company to avoid putting themselves at risk of injury from a fall. Alpha Omega's service technicians have the proper equipment and knowledge to make needed repairs.

Summer is coming up - What are the things a homeowner in the Southeast should look out for during summer?

After the fall of the year and through the spring, leaves, pine needles and debris have had an opportunity to collect on the roof and in gutters. Observing from the ground, a homeowner may be able to see an area with such debris. It is necessary to have debris removed to allow proper water flow avoiding backups and potential leaks. Areas that debris typically collect and create cause for concern are valleys, roof to wall intersections and crickets (such as behind a chimney). Gutters that become clogged can contribute to exterior wood damage and water intrusion. Alpha Omega offers seasonal cleaning services.

Is it safe to get roofing work done during COVID-19?

Roofing work can be accomplished respecting social distancing. At the very least, if you have a roofing issue, we are able to communicate by phone and provide pictures in real time from the roof to keep the homeowner informed of any necessary repair without entering the home. Homeowners have provided pictures to our technicians as well from inside the home to assist in better locating trouble spots.

How has Alpha Omega coped with the change?

Staying informed and working to provide a safe environment for essential personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic has been and continues to be a focus of ours. The recommendations for safe practices by federal, state and local authorities are monitored by our Environmental Heath and Safety Manager, and Committee, offering continued updates to best practices.

Have you seen any changes in the roofing scene that helps people manage better?

- The advancement and availability of innovative technology continues to be a source for Alpha Omega Construction Group to better serve our customers and enhance our communication and safety efforts in each of our primary business segments; residential and commercial roofing, siding, gutters and our ReRoof Division.

What’s the biggest mistake homeowners make when it comes to their roof?

Neglect. We all have responsibilities and busy schedules that make it easy to bypass the necessity to have your roofing components inspected, at least every two or three years, for wear, debris, and prevention of larger issues. Plumbing penetration "boot" or collars are a great example of an item that, if not maintained, often lead to an avoidable leak. Most homes have more than one. Contacting a quality roofing company to inspect roofing components every two or three years is one of the simplest and most important steps a homeowner can take to prevent issues. Alpha Omega schedules and conducts maintenance inspections by appointment to work around the homeowner's busy schedules.

What’s your number one tip for homeowners to protect their roofs and homes during these times?

Maintenance. Contact a local roofing company that has a reputable history in your area to review your roofing components. Alpha Omega Construction Group provides this service. If items are noticed that could lead to an issue now or down the road, we will show you pictures to help you see the problem area and make an informed decision for repair.

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