The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters for Fall & Winter

January 12, 2024

It is a well-known fact that there are many reasons to clean your gutters. Cleaning your gutters helps protect your roof from leaking, avoid water damage to the home’s interior and exterior, and even protects against pest infestation. However, did you realize that the time of year you do this actually matters as well? Cleaning your gutters for fall and winter is important because it helps keep out seasonal debris like leaves and sticks that can lead to damaging buildup. Also, clogging in the gutters that is left uncleaned before winter can become a bigger issue if it leads to snow or ice accretion on your roof. Another potential issue that can arise if water accumulates during winter is that it can freeze, expand, and put pressure on the corners and junctions. This is definitely something you want to avoid!

Winter is also a great time to clean your gutters because it will leave you more prepared for spring showers to come. The rains will pose less of an issue if your gutters are already clean. Without any debris buildup as the weather changes, you can expect less issue with seasonal pests as well.

What is a good way to visually check if it’s the right time in the season to get your gutters cleaned? One way is by looking at the gutters by your roof in search of any piles of leaves. Another way is by actually checking your downspouts while it’s raining to see whether or not the rainwater is actually coming out or not. Lastly, you can check the joints and seams of your gutters to find any seepage or overflow.

With all of this in mind, you can see why fall and winter are such important times to clean your gutters. Just remember, by cleaning your gutters after the bulk of leaf falling has taken place but before freezing weather comes, you can protect your home from any and all issues caused by gutter malfunctions.

And remember, Alpha Omega Construction Group, Inc. is ready to help you with your gutter services! Call us and let us help make sure your homes’ gutters are in pristine shape for every season. 844-704-ROOF

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