SC Safe Home Grant Program is NOW OPEN!

January 12, 2024

SC Safe Home Grant Program

SC Safe Home Grant Program has started. You could be rewarded up to $5000 for protecting your home through this Grant Program. Alpha Omega Construction Group, protecting life's 2 biggest investments... your family and your home!

Here at Alpha Omega Construction Company, we are a preferred South Carolina SafeHome Inspector and Contractor. Because of your upgrades (gable bracing, roof to wall strapping, renailing decking, secondary water barrier, you may also receive a discount from your insurance company.) The Program opens 9/4/18, you’ll receive an award notice in roughly 90 days.

The overall goal is to promote retrofit options and solutions to severe weather storms and hurricane effects. SCSH anticipates funding for over 500 applicants each cycle.

SC Safe Home Grants can be used for the following home retrofits:

- Bracing gable ends
- Roof to wall connectors
- Secondary water barrier
- Exterior doors (including garage doors)
- Roof covering
- Roof deck attachment
- Repair or replacement of manufactured home piers, anchors and tie-down straps
- Opening protection (window replacement, hurricane shutters)
- Issues associated with weak trusses, studs and structural components Ask us for more details... and call today for a free roofing inspection.

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