Saving with Solar

January 12, 2024

Solar energy is the clean energy source of the future, but how does it actually work? Alpha Omega has an easy way to explain it and has just the right solar shingle to help make it possible for you and your home! GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar™ shingle is the world’s first nailable solar shingle that can be used as a solar system and a brand new roof, all-in-one!

GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar™ shingle has recently become available in NC & SC after a long-waited reveal. Now you can produce your own power with a policy called ‘net metering’. How does it work? Alpha Omega has broken it down into four easy steps:

  1. Sunlight interacts with the solar shingle, generating DC (direct current) electricity: While traditional solar solutions get added on top of your roof shingles, Timberline Solar™ incorporates efficient solar technology inside durable shingles for superior water-shedding qualities.
  2. This “raw” electricity flows to the inverter which transforms it from DC into AC (alternating current) electricity: An inverter is installed to connect your solar system to your current electric panel through the home electrical evaluation and safety process.
  3. This converted electricity is sent to the home’s electric panel and meter for distribution: If your system generates more electricity than you need, energy can be sent back to the grid in exchange for credits to your bill that can be used to offset the cost of electricity that you buy from your utility company. It can even produce clean electricity at a cost that’s lower than your utility company’s rate, lowering your power bill even further.
  4. Excess AC electricity that is not consumed is sent back to the grid, and credit is given for future use (Terms and conditions vary): Timberline Solar™ can possibly even pay for itself over time when monthly electric bill savings and government incentives are calculated.

Any roof can be a solar roof so why not turn your roof into an energy-producing asset with GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar™ shingles? Working with Alpha Omega means your new solar roof is installed by an experienced roofer that can offer a comprehensive warranty, covering both the roofing and solar components. Get a free estimate on how to transform your lifestyle and home by calling 844-704-ROOF or visiting

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