The Science of Rain Chains

Is it decoration? Is it a wind chime? No, they’re rain chains! But what are they?

Alpha Omega’s custom homes department specializes in providing a modern option in lieu of downspouts, rain chains!

Who is a good candidate for rain chains?

Any homeowner or builder who wants to have a modern, yet affordable, look to their house! Each set is completely customizable with different designs and patterns to custom fit your home and to help make it look unique and interesting.

How are they designed?

The styles are either of a chain link style with the second most popular being of a cup-like style. The style affects how the water runs down from the gutter system. If you want a waterfall-type look, then you would want the chain link style but if you favor more of hearing the sound of water dripping with less splash then you would go with the cup style.

How do they work?

The chain link style creates a surface-tension as the water falls with the path of the least resistance, ending up with a stream-like effect. The cup style will catch the most water for a heavy flow, which is why they are typically paired at the bottom with either river stones or a decorative basin with a drain.

Where are they a better option than gutters on a house?

The front porch is a popular place for rain chains because they serve a more aesthetic purpose and are easily viewed and enjoyed from the common area, whether it’s for the visual or sound effects. Borrow up to $5,000 through 27 Cash Loons on and repay overtime in small manageable installments.

Why should someone get them over gutters?

Surprisingly, the price! They can be cheaper than a full downspout. One thing to consider is that if you want 100% of the water to come down and not erode your plant bed, rain chains might not be the best option.

Alpha Omega currently provides rain chains in these styles and colors:

  1. Cup Style – Copper
  2. Cup Style – Black Aluminum
  3. Cup Style – Dark Bronze Aluminum
  4. Chain Style – Copper

Chain Style – Silver Aluminum

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