Protection Tips for Hurricane Season

January 12, 2024

It is no secret that one of the greatest appeals of the Southeast, especially states such as the Carolinas and Georgia, is their climate. The ability to enjoy all four seasons quite true to what they should feel like is something that calls newcomers from all over the country. Another attraction of these Southeastern spots is that they are not associated with very seismic natural disasters. However, it is not uncommon for them to be susceptible to hurricanes due to lengthy coastlines that make them more of an open target to these powerful storms. Hurricane season in these areas runs from June through November, however, it is never too early nor too late in the year to start preparing yourself for protection against hurricanes. Let’s take a look at some ways you can make sure your home is well-protected in case of these occurrences.

Get your roof inspected.

Getting your roof checked before a storm is a good way to see if there are any leaks or needed repairs. Any issues that can be identified are better addressed before the storm since any weather impact will likely only make these pre-existing concerns even worse. This is also a proactive way to save money as any existing issue that you allow to remain will only lead to a very expensive repair after a storm, such as extensive water damage.

Clean and test your gutters.

Having your gutters cleared and cleaned out before a storm is a great way to avoid extensive roof and water damage. The purpose of gutters is to help water drain properly away from the house. If your gutters aren’t cleared then you can end up with water backed up onto the soffit and even into the attic. Another important aspect to test out is that your gutters are well-secured. Debris can put pressure and weight on the gutters, leading to them falling and potentially causing harm or damage. An inspection can also help show if there are any damaged flashing or shingles, as well as any signs of prior water damage. This will help make sure your gutters are firmly nailed down and well-secured, so that they are fastened for the storm and don’t become another danger.

Eliminate trees.

One of the biggest hazards during a storm are trees. Trees that are unkept or overgrown can cause damage to power lines, fall onto properties and homes, and even become projectiles. In order to avoid this, take a few steps to assure your property is safe. First, check for any rotting or decaying trees, as well as loose or dead branches and limbs. Get your trees trimmed if they are overgrown and consider completely removing any trees that seem too close to your home that could fall down and call extensive damage.

Hurricane season does not need to be a source of panic. By following these preemptive steps in making sure your home is storm-ready, you can feel more at ease knowing you have done what you can to protect two of life’s greatest investments, your family and your home.

Alpha Omega Construction Group, Inc. assists with roof and gutter inspections, as well as providing professional advice on alternative home improvements for storm preparedness. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 844-704-ROOF or visiting Trusted Craftsmanship, From Beginning to End.

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