Inspecting Your Roof and Your Yard

January 12, 2024

Inspecting Your Roof

Inspecting your roof is very important this time of year. The Southeast’s hail season is quickly approaching, but there’s still time to prepare your home for future seasonal storms. Hail damage in the Carolina’s is common but costly and unpredictable. Investing in protecting your home now will help you to avoid big repair costs in the future and can get you through sudden storms damage-free. With the right preparation, making it through hailstorm season with minimal need to call Alpha Omega for roof repairs will keep your home and your savings safe. Inspecting Your Roof and Your Yard Scheduling regular inspections for your roof keeps it in tip-top shape and prepared for any of nature’s fury that may come its way.

Inspections allow your trusted Alpha Omega personal to check for current weaknesses and damages present on your roof. These wear and tear spots are targets for greater hail damage in storms, so identifying and repairing them early is essential to the health of your roof. An Alpha Omega inspectors can also suggest better materials and improvements you can make to your roof to make it more fortified against the weather. The trees in your yard can be a hazard in and of themselves during a hailstorm. If trees and shrubs are not properly preened, branches that hang over or near your roof could easily break and fall, causing damage. Have broken, dry or damaged branches cut and removed and clean your yard of any debris that could be picked up and thrown against your home. By staying diligent on the upkeep of your yard, you can avoid unnecessary hail damage repairs this hail season. Prepare Your Family For Future Hailstorms There’s more to storm preparations than checking your home over.

When a storm is on its way, your family should have a plan to avoid damage and even injury. When the season finally starts, keep an eye on weather reports and know the signs of a hailstorm. Strong winds with heavy rainfall and lightning and thunder can easily shift into a hail storm without warning, especially when a cold front is coming through. Listen for emergency broadcasts and be prepared to move to rooms without windows to avoid potential injury from broken glass. Prepare to move pets and farm animals into safe structures, as well, to keep them safe from the storm. Move outdoor furniture and vehicles into garages, sheds or other sturdy outdoor structures. You can also look into getting ‘hail blankets’, which can be bought or made, that can protect them from the impact of hail. The damage costs incurred by broken car windows or ruined yard equipment can take a sizable hit on your savings, so it’s best to take inventory of your yard and prepare a plan for storing and protecting items that could suffer during a bad hailstorm.

Alpha Omega Construction Group can work with you to prevent major hail damage in the Carolinas this year by helping you take the proper precautions against the changing weather and repairing at-risk areas on roofs. Our expert contractors can help you reinforce your roof against the weather and address questions and concerns you have before the storms start rolling in. Contact Alpha Omega Construction Group to find out how you can get a free inspection with your first appointment and get the jump on your preparations for the 2018 hail season before it arrives.

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