How to inspect and fix the roof after a storm

January 12, 2024

Inspect and fix the roof

Learn to know how to inspect and fix the roof properly. Alright, that storm went pretty hard and apparently there much we could do to stop it right? Howling winds, pelting rain and hail, snapping tree branches — riding out a storm inside your home can be a frightening experience. On the other hand, a mild rain fall, a light rainfall, a light thunderstorm or moderate snow fall may seem totally harmless. Yet, a single straight-line burst of wind may be enough to uplift shingles, sling debris and projectiles around and topple trees and power lines.

Weather in Charlotte NC can surprise you and even damage your home. Roofing in Charlotte NC has always been a pain in the butt because things can be upside down within hours. After a severe storm hits, it is crucial that you inspect your roof for even the slightest signs of damage, and here's what to do:

Shingles inspection

If it is safe to explore the roof on your own and you are comfortable doing so, you can start inspecting the roof, starting with the shingles. Identify areas that are no longer covered and any cracks, counting the number of replacements you will need. If you don't feel like up for it, you can get in touch with any contractor specializing in services for roofing in Charlotte NC.

Gutters should be checked

As you inspect your roof, pay close attention to the drainage and ventilation systems. Both are crucial for preventing roof collapse. If the gutters are warped, or the ventilation is damaged, you will likely need extensive repairs from a specialist.

Damage on interior

Before assuming that the roof is fine, take a quick look at your ceiling. Small cracks, discolored spots, and bubbles can indicate a missed leak. Any leaks need to be corrected immediately to avoid additional damage. This is pretty challenging and an expert for roofing in charlotte NC must be presented during the check.

Both sides are equally important

The top of your roofing only tells half the story-to truly get a picture of what's happening on the roof you will need to check both the top and bottom. That probably means getting up in your attic to inspect the underside of the roofing, where you can check for signs of water leaks; the most obvious are water streaks on the rafters, mold and mildew growth, excessive humidity or condensation, rusted metal or nails, and wet insulation. If it's a sunny day you might also notice small holes where light is shining through.

Chimney and/or Skylights

When you check your roof after a hurricane, be sure to closely examine your chimney and skylights, if you have any. These are prime spots for water damage, mold, and mildew to begin building up.
Also, be sure to take note of any areas where you roof comes to a "V" where water may be pooling.
Chimneys and skylights will also have flashings and other barriers that prevent leaking. These may have been damaged during the storm, so be sure to check them out.
After you have located all the possible damages, it's highly important to establish an accurate insurance claim, a good contractor for roofing services in charlotte NC would have a fair idea of the process. Following a storm, a comprehensive home inspection should be performed by your trusted roofing contractor in conjunction with your homeowner's insurance inspector. You can be prepared before and after the storm, too:

1. Policy: Review your homeowner's insurance policy now, rather than after the storm does its damage. Do you have enough coverage?

2. Filing: File your claim ASAP. If storm damage occurs to your home in the middle of the night, don't wait until morning. Call your insurance company to report it at your earliest and safest convenience.

3. Documenting: Document storm damage by taking pictures and video. Remember, safety first. Don't put yourself in harm's way, and look out for felled power lines.

4. Patience: Don't rush deciding what to do. The better prepared you are, such as having a history of working with a good roofing contractor, the easier things will flow. If you aren't happy with the claim from your insurance company, file a complaint with the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

Free Inspection

A thorough roof inspection is the best way to avoid expensive repairs, but we know there's never a good time for unforeseen costs. You should seek advice from an expert for roofing in charlotte NC to ensure effective execution for claim process.
In times like these it's understandable why fixing a seemingly small roof problem may not be a top priority, but it should be. That's why we're offering our blog readers a free roof inspection, in charlotte NC, which includes checking for:
1.Missing shingles or flashing.
2.Debris clogged valleys and gutters
3.Flashing around chimneys, skylights and siding
4.Attic ventilation
5.General repair needs

It is good homeowner practice to personally inspect your roof at least once per year, which can easily be done from the ground with binoculars. Getting familiar with your roof, tree locations and wind direction will give you a baseline for evaluating any damage that may occur in the future. So, put an inspection on your calendar as a repeating annual event so you'll be quick to notice damaged flashing or missing shingles.

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