Give Your House a Summer Facelift!

January 12, 2024

We officially made it to the day everyone’s been waiting for… the start of summer!

No surprise that this season is a fan favorite, full of sunshine, long days, warm weather and time off with the family. Did you realize that it’s also the best time to give your house a “summer facelift”? Let’s talk about the things you should check on to maintain your house and take advantage of summertime!

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning out your gutters is definitely a perfect task to accomplish during summer months. Why are gutters such an integral part of your house and roof? The purpose of gutters is to collect water and move it away. However, because the water comes with other particles, they can become clogged and have dirt build-up. By cleaning your gutters, you can avoid mold, mildew, nest formation, flooding, corrosion, and water damage. It is definitely an important chore that, unfortunately, goes forgotten. Don’t forget it this summer!

Check Siding Around Windows

The nice summer weather is also the perfect time to get your siding checked. An especially important place to check your siding is around your windows. Why is that? The caulking by the siding is what makes sure that water does not get behind your windows. Additionally, over time siding can become loose and damaged just by normal wear and tear, or also by previous storms or harsher weather. Why not use this summer to get your siding checked?

Roof Inspection and Repair

Another perfect item to attend to in the summer is a roof inspection. The roof is the literal protection over our heads, so its’ condition is absolutely crucial! Many people wait until it’s too late to discover that their roof was no longer in good shape and has resulted in missing shingles, leaks, a sagging roof or bad insulation inside your home. Another thing to keep in mind during the summertime is if you need roof ventilation. The point of roof ventilation is to help with the moisture that builds up in the roof that can lead to rot, mold and even malfunctioning insulation. Catch any roofing issues before it’s too late and becomes more costly!


Changing the exterior color of the home is definitely something that many find themselves itching to do. What better time than during sunny summer months? Not only is it a perfect revamp to your homes’ style, but it may also be a great time to match a new color to a new roof and knock out a complete exterior makeover!

Look at all of the tasks you could check off your house facelift checklist in just a few short months! Not only will these modifications make your house feel rejuvenated during summer, but it will also be a proactive move to protect your homes longevity. Yes, if you act now, you can save later!

Need help with your roof inspection, siding or gutters? Alpha Omega Construction Group, Inc. is ready and waiting to give you your free inspection. Give us a call! 844-704-ROOF

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