10 Signs to Look for When Examining Your Roof

January 12, 2024

Examining Your Roof

When Examining Your Roof, here are 10 signs to look for:

Just like routinely checking your car for working tail lights and low tire pressure, it’s best to check your roof every once in a while as well! To assist you with this process, here are 10 warning signs to pay special attention to…1. Missing granules - when examining your roof from a sturdy ladder, peer into the gutter. If you see a sand like substance, you may have some granule loss. If your roof isn’t brand new, this can be an indication you may want to have a professional come out to give a roof evaluation.
2. Damaged flashing - flashing is installed around the chimney; look to see if it is cracked or warped.
3. Algae - algae growth causes dark discoloration to your shingles when air-borne algae deposits then grows on your roof. (more common with organic shingles) To identify this sign look for brown to black colored streaks that may seem like soot or tree droppings. The good news is that algae growth does not affect the service life of your roofing material; but does coincide with roof age.
4. Curling shingles - there are a multitude of causes for curling shingles, from lack of ventilation to deteriorated sealant, curled shingles may lead to a leak and it would be wise to have a professional out to rectify the situation.
5. Blisters - blisters are formed from moisture in the shingles or poor ventilation of the roof system which could shorten the service life of shingles. If the problem is widespread, the entire slope may need to be replaced sooner than expected. Again, any sign of blistering should be a indication that an Alpha Omega professional should be called.
6. Rafters or plywood spots - this is caused by roof leaks! To look for these spots comb over all rafters, roof, all protrusions and the attic for leaks. If your roof is leaking - don’t wait, call a professional.
7. Rotting - is caused by absorption of moisture by the mat at the core of an organic based shingle; this should not be ignored. 8. Buckled shingles - is formed from a wrinkled underlayment, roof deck movement, poor roof ventilation or new shingles applied over old shingles.
8. Missing shingles - This is mainly caused from exposure to high winds or wear and tear over time.
9. Hail Damage - This is one of the hardest signs to spot from the ground, but is a sure sign you need to call a professional. Granule loss and small indentations on your roof will eventually cause leaks. If you suspect your roff was hit by hail, give our experts a call! We will work hand in hand with your insurance company to get this fixed… Climbing onto you roof can be extremely dangerous and should be left for the experts! If you notice any of these warning signs from a ladder or from the ground, please give us a call at: 1-844-704-ROOF to set up an appointment and to receive a free estimate on repair or replacement. We’ve got you covered!

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