Why Company Culture Matters in Times Like These

January 12, 2024

Company Culture Matters

Company culture matters in this strange season. There’s no denying the current circumstances have taken the world by storm. Almost no one was prepared for the challenges we’d have to face, both as people and as businesses.

We’ve built Alpha Omega around one single ethos: protecting life’s biggest investments, your family and your home.

Easy enough to say, but when the going gets rough, what really gets us to fulfill that promise? Company culture.

We thought we’d share some insights into our culture, which will explain while Alpha Omega continues to grow in turbulent times, and we continue to serve our customers with the highest degrees of workmanship and safety.

Our Company Culture

Alpha Omega has been a fast-growing business. From opening new offices to on-boarding new expert roofers, we admittedly never “formalized” an internal culture on documents.

What you’re about to read is insights from work we have been doing over the past few months, collecting insights from our team to understand where we stand as far as culture goes.

That is the best culture. Not only because it is the truth, but because it stems from our behavior every day.

We act as a family

This is the number one most mentioned element of the Alpha Omega culture.

So what does it mean exactly? It means safety to grow, the space to voice opinion, and the strength that comes from working with people you work who care for you and whom you care for.

Kindness has been a staple of our culture from day 1.

We fail and succeed as a team

This is a big one. The shared accountability our team feels means that one mistake has 20 people who jump on fixing it.

More importantly, every member of Alpha Omega carries the responsibility of their team’s success. This is why our roofers are the best and why our workmanship lasts for decades.

We thrive through diversity

In all its shapes and forms. Whether it’s different backgrounds, ethnicities, or opinions, the team at Alpha Omega celebrates diversity.

How have we seen this impact us? Two brains are always better than one, and we’re sure we’ve crossed the 3,000 brain mark thanks to our team!

We grow through challenges

Challenges have been our biggest friend in the past. It is only through stretching and pushing our limits that we have been able to become the best roofing company in the Southeast, to open 11 offices and have the thousands of Alpha Omega roofers who work with us today.

Challenges allow us to optimize how we work, improve our skills, and deliver the best output we can. We’re very proud of our workmanship, but the sky’s our limit and we’re pushing to unprecedented heights.

What does this mean for our employees and customers?

We’re very thankful that our team lives these values on a daily basis. For our employees, it means two things: 1. that we are all in this together and will overcome it together. And 2. That Alpha Omega will continue to expand, rather than contract, even in tough times like these.

For our customers, it means that we have upheld the highest standards of safety given the current circumstances. Roofing is a minimum interaction/exposure experience, and we have empowered our teams to ensure that customer safety and great workmanship are our priorities.

Want to know more?

If you’re looking to get work done on your roof, please reach us at 844-704-ROOF or contact us through the website.

You can also check out some of the other resources we have on all things roof!

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