6 Benefits of Metal Commercial Roofs

Metal Commercial Roofs

Metal commercial roofs have their benefits. If you go for a drive and pass by a commercial building, there’s a high chance that they have a metal roof. In fact, you might have had a metal roof for your own business up until now. But what is it about metal commercial roofs that make them so common?

  1. They are highly durable

Metal roofs are very durable, lasting decades up to 50 and 60 years! Besides being fire-resistant, metal roofs can stand up to falling objects, which is especially relevant in areas where falling branches and hail storms are a common thing.

For all their strength, metal roofs are actually lightweight and don’t create a heavy structural burden on your building, at less than 20% the weight of concrete tile roofs.

  1. They are weather-resistant

Metal roofs are pretty much built for all seasons. When properly installed, metal roofs can withstand harsh weather, hail, rain, snow, and heat. It can even withstand wind that comes in at 140 miles an hour! Whatever weather your area has and however much it changes, metal roofs are up to the challenge.

Metal roofs are also resistant to fire, cracking, fading, and corrosion, making them one of the most weather-proof roofs out there!

  1. They are versatile

Metal roofs come in different shapes and colors. Besides their regular panel shape, they can be built to mimic other roofs and can take on different color coatings, making them very aesthetic and versatile.

  1. They are energy-efficient

Metal roofs require proper and sufficient ventilation systems, which themselves help conserve energy and regulate temperature. On top of those, metal roofs themselves reflect heat from the sun, creating a significant dip in your cooling costs and energy bills.

  1. They are low-maintenance

Because of their installation mechanism and durability, metal roofs require very little maintenance over time. This doesn’t mean that they require no care, but inspections are needed less often and there are hardly any significant issues that come up under typical circumstances.

  1. They are eco-friendly

Besides the role they play in energy conservation, metal roofs can be recycled over and over again, creating a significant advantage over other roofing materials that sits in landfills for decades.

If you’re looking to get a metal roof, make sure you check out our other resources and contact us for a free quotation!

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