5 Great Alternatives to Shingle Roofing

January 12, 2024

Alternatives to Shingle Roofing

Are you looking for alternatives to Shingle Roofing? Here are five ideas.

So, what roof should you get?

It can be daunting enough to get a new roof in the first place, so how is it that you can select the best one for your home and still make sure you love the way it looks?

Well, if you haven’t considered, shingle roofs are a great (and very common) choice! But say you’re looking for something different, would you really have to settle for rusty metal?

One thing to know is that rusty metal is a thing of the past – what you probably didn’t know is that there are several great roofing alternatives that can be the right fit for your home. This isn’t to say we don’t love shingles,

5 Great Alternatives to Shingle Roofing

  1. Standing seam metal
    Standing seam metal roofs are a form of metal roofing that has a concealed fastener metal panel system with vertical legs, separated by a flat board in between. One of the best advantages of standing seam metal roofs is that they’re very low maintenance and don’t damage easily. Because the panels aren’t pinned, the metal can comfortably expand and contract, and if you have slider clips or a snap lock, it can float freely with the clips as well. Another advantage is that the energy efficiency of standing seam metal roofing systems, with energy savings of up to 30% on cooling.An important factor to keep in mind is choosing the proper underlayment, with water-shielding properties. This and its slightly higher upfront investment cost makes it a tricky roof to work with, so be sure to get advice from a trusted roofer before venturing into it.
  2. Slate
    Much like stone-coated steel, slate roofs are a very durable option for your home. In fact, it’s so durable it can last up to 100 years!While its downside is similarly its upfront investment, it also is a low-maintenance option that sets your home up for generations. A key aspect to keep in mind is that slate roofs tend to be very heavy, so you’ll want to make sure that your home’s infrastructure can withstand the pressure of a slate roof. One of the unique aspects of slate roofs is their aesthetic appeal. They’re as beautiful as they come and definitely the stuff of a dream home!
  3. Clay tile
    Clay tile roofs are another great option that combines an aesthetic appeal with durability, low maintenance, fire and wind resistance, and longevity up to 100 years! These also come with an upfront investment, but are also virtually cost-free afterward.
  4. Solar shingles
    If you’re looking for an alternative to roof solar panels and still want a great look, then solar shingles are the way to go! They’re extremely durable and can generate energy just hanging out on your roof. The downside of solar shingles is that they’re extremely pricier than regular shingle roofs and generate about 70% as much as regular solar panels, but that’s no reason to be discouraged – with their shingle- or clay-like appearance and quartz glass layer, they’re one of the most durable roofs out there!
  5. Stone-coated steel
    Believe it or not, steel roofing can mimic the appearance of shingles while still offering great durability and strength. As the name suggests, steel panels are coated with a layer of stone that adheres to the panels and gives the roof its unique look.A great advantage of stone-coated steel roofs is their durability, with life spans ranging between 40 and 70 years. These roofs are extremely low-maintenance and offer great energy-efficiency. The main downside is the initial investment cost, but if you’re in your home for the long run, then this is definitely a low-maintenance, headache-free option you’ll want to go for.

Which roof is best for my home?

This really depends on your style, budget, area, and home. With so many factors in play, it’s usually best to get the advice of an experienced roofer that can help match your style with the best option for your home.

If you’re scared of going for slightly higher upfront costs, keep in mind that most such roofs are actually cheaper across their lifecycle than regular shingles (which need maintenance and are eventually replaced more often).

Thinking of getting a new roof? Check out our resources on finding the right roofing contractor, or contact us for a free inspection and quote.

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